What Should You Carry In Your Diaper Bag?

What Should You Carry In Your Diaper Bag? Diaper bag essentials

To my reader, I would like to say, welcome to the “Mommy’s Club,”. My heartiest congratulations on becoming a mother, I would like to tell you that becoming a mother is like getting on a non- stop roller coaster which is going to bring you immense happiness and joy as well as a few moments of pain.

Now that you have sailed through your pregnancy, one chapter has ended, and a far more exciting one begun. As you embark on this journey, you are going to want to ensure your little one is well taken care of in all aspects and is loved. You are going to have to take care of all your baby’s concerns and needs. And one way of doing that is to have a diaper bag that is ready to take care of all your emergencies. To do that, you will have to make sure that your diaper bag has all you may need.

A lot of what goes inside your bag depends on the age of your child; nevertheless, I will briefly touch upon a few essentials that all mothers should have in their diaper bags. These essentials are:

● Diapers – A diaper bag would be incomplete without a diaper, of course. So, pack the disposable or the cloth ones whichever you prefer. Count the numbers you need, carrying extra will always be beneficial.

● Changing Mat – Traveling with your little one can be quite stressful. You have to make sure that the surface on which you change your baby is clean and free of germs and this is something you can never be sure of. Carrying a changing mat is crucial, so you are sure that any unhygienic surface doesn’t come in contact with your little angel. You have the option of reusable waterproof diaper changing mat; however, I prefer the disposable ones, especially for travel or any outdoor activity. A disposable one is always better for all the spillages and handling the poops of the baby. They are also quite helpful when you have to change your baby in someone else’s house. I look for specific parameters while choosing disposable changing mats to make my baby more comfortable and improve my experience.

I like to carry lightweight mats so that my diaper bag does not become too heavy. A lighter diaper bag allows me to move about freely and handle my baby with ease. I always like to ensure that the mat is highly absorbent so that there are as little spills. My mat must have a waterproof back sheet so that there are no leaks. Most importantly, when choosing a changing mat, it is crucial that my mat will keep my baby safe.

This is why I recommended Teddyy Changing Mats. These mats are easy to carry and dispose of. They are made from soft spongy material that makes sure your baby is comfortable during diaper changing time. They have a criss-cross design and a waterproof backsheet to ensure there are no leaks and spills. Its antibacterial cover and hypoallergenic formulas help keep your baby healthy and allergy-free, giving you complete peace of mind. These mats will make your daily diaper-changing routine a

breeze! To get your hands on your own mat, click here.

● Wipes – Another diaper bag essential that has multiple uses. I always prefer wipes which are biodegradable, skin-friendly, high water content and have no chemicals to be absolutely. Wipes can be used to clean up spills, drool, and vomit. Alternatively, you could also use a napkin.

● Bottles & Feed – I personally prefer the ones which help in reducing the intake of air.

● Disposable Bags -It is important to carry a newspaper or biodegradable disposable bag so that you can easily dispose of your waste.

● Other essential items to put in your diaper bag: Hand sanitizer, a baby-friendly mosquito repellent, diaper rash cream, any medicines/supplements you need to give your baby, a blanket, an extra set of clothes, food items & water, and a nursing cover.

● Also, mommies, before you go, don’t forget your own belongings, such as:

• Your wallet

• House keys

• Mobile/Emergency Contacts

• Bottle of water and some food for yourself, you need just as much care.

Lastly choose a bag that is durable, waterproof, and has loads of space so carrying it becomes a lot easier and hassle-free.

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