Fly away Boy is one book that is meant both for parents and for children, highlighting the importance of accepting individuals the way they are.


Kabir, the protagonist, is a child who is talented in his own little ways that are not acknowledged by the social norms. Feeling ignored at home, he decides to run away only to leave his parents in a quandary. Where did Kabir go? Will his parents ever find him back? Will they realise his worth? The book answers these and many other questions.


A sensitive topic such as this one is dealt with remarakable ingenuity and empathy. A must-read book that celebrates individual identity as unique as all of us!


2. SHRILOK HOMELESS The Ultimate Adventures Vol. 2 by PIKA NANI

An intriguing detective novel in an Indian setting that maintains interest and curiosity through out.


Under the pseudonym of Pika Nani, Dipika Murty introduces a street smart chaiwala who has a knack for solving criminal cases along with his sidekick Rohan Doctor (the similarity with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson is hard to miss). Thus, we have a thriller for young readers who will find themselves racking their brain to solve the mystery along with the eponymous hero.


A tightly knitted plot is dealt with in a simple and lucid language. Spatterings of hinglish further add to the relatable factor. The book offers enough food for curiosity to the young minds.


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